‘Isle of Wight 2018’ The Final Chapter

The last 2 days have been so jam packed that it has gone in a flash, but the fun has not stopped here on the Isle of Wight!  Sadly the weather has not been our friend however we have battled through with our shorts, rain coats and happy hearts.

A trip to Robin Hill Country park was the first port of call where we found our stomachs in our mouths after no less that 3 goes (IN A ROW!) on the colossus swinging ship (Mrs Voigt and Miss Lees managing 1 go before realising age was not on their side!) Most lost their voices with all the screaming and some children were even brave enough to let go of the bars!!

After an impressive falconry show, a hill rolling competition and another stomach in mouth moment at the 4D cinema we had lunch on a wet and windy hill surrounded by some feathered friends (white doves, peacocks and peahens including an albino peacock that Mrs Turner secretly hoped would sneak into her bag and home with her!)

Next came some canopy tree walks and squirrel runs through an array of crazy climbing equipment in the forest.  Filled with seaside air and muddy knees we headed for dinner and onto our evening entertainment.


Bowling was the order of the evening.  Some children confidently taking to the lanes and others discovering they had never bowled before, but all gave it a good go even if some of the techniques were very questionable!!

Some very lucky strikes meant Benedetta, Teagan, and Katie C won a prize and we finished off our fun filled evening with some singing and comedy compering on the coach where Mrs Turner discovered a microphone (much to the teacher and driver’s dismay!)

Our last day on the island began at ‘Amazon world’.  Flying, howling, scratching and jumping creatures both big and small awaited us. The highlight being a sneaky lemur who decided Aaron’s head was a good look out post. He played it so cool even the keeper was impressed!

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Day 2 and the fun Continues

Another fun filled and action packed day here on the Isle Of Wight.  We started with a scenic journey to our first experience of the day. We watched an impressive glass making display followed by a sweet making demonstration and tasting, which had the children mesmerised. Some even choosing their future careers on this basis!

After some impressive shopping action (top prize to the children who purchased detailed wooden ships) we took the chairlift over the clifftop to see the beautiful views.  Lunch on the very stoney but surprisingly comfortable beach front and a short but steep hike back to the coach (if for no other reason than to burn off all the calories from the endless sweet treats!)

To burn off that final bit of energy we headed for some very athletic bouncing at the trampoline park.

Exhausted but happy an earlier bed time called so we are all ready for tomorrows adventures…


Brockswood explode onto the Isle Of Wight!

What a wonderful time we are having so far! A Really speedy journey across the English channel (Mrs Voigt resisted throwing anybody overboard)

Then straight to the IOW zoo where we learnt about conservation, preservation, and animal husbandry, and saw some beautiful creatures up close and personal.

After a few unwise financial decisions were made in the gift shop we enjoyed a hearty dinner in our palatial accommodation and then headed to the beach.  In true Brockswood spirit our children embraced the water, despite the ridiculously Arctic temperatures and had a ‘whale’ of a time.  Mrs Turner was wise and stayed with the belongings!

Back to the hotel for a wash up and into our PJ’s. A mostly restful night was had by all and this mornings room inspection (conducted by Sergeant Lees) revealed the boys outstripped the girls in cleanliness-this probably had something to do with Mr Wyatt’s military expectations (his mum would have been proud!)

We’re off for another fun filled day, keep watching for more updates………