Autumn Term 2019

We hope you are having a restful and fun summer break, please remember that the new term begins on Wednesday 4th September.

There is lots happening in school getting ready for the new term and we do have the following school trips booked;

Year 6 – RAF Museum Friday 13th September

Year 2 – Harry Potter World Tuesday 17th September

Year 4 – Ancient Greek Day Wednesday 25th September

Year 3 – British Museum Tuesday 1st October

Year 5 – Space Centre Thursday 3rd October

Year 4 will be swimming every Monday from 9th September, please ensure your child has their kit including a swimming hat in school with them.


Term Dates – 2019/2020

 Autumn Term 2019

Monday 2nd September – Inset Day

Tuesday 3rd September – Inset Day

Wednesday 4th September – 1st Day of Term

Monday 28th October – Friday 1st November Half Term

Friday 20th December – Last Day of Term – School Closes at 2.00pm


Monday 23rd December – Friday 3rd January Christmas Holidays


Spring Term 2020

Monday 6th January – 1st Day of Term

Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February Half Term

Friday 3rd April – Last Day of Term – School Closes at 2.00pm


Monday 6th April – 17th April Easter Holidays


Summer Term 2020

Monday 20th April 1st Day of Term

Friday 8th May Bank Holiday

Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May Half Term

Monday 1st June – Occasional Day

Tuesday 2nd June – Inset Day

Wednesday 3rd June – Inset Day

Thursday 4th June – Inset Day

Wednesday 22nd July – Last Day of Term School Closes at 2.00pm


Oak class are done!

Last final post for my lovely Oak class. It was an absolute pleasure to be your teacher this last year and I wish you all the very best with your futures.

Please believe in yourself because I do and I know you are all capable of achieving incredible things!

You will be sorely missed at Brockswood.

I hope you have a lovely summer and get prepared for the next chapter of your lives!

Best wishes,

Miss Green


International day: Rowan class learnt about Turkey

Firstly we had a story read by a parent in Turkish and their child in English.  Then the student taught us a game.  Next we made flags or did some colouring relating to Turkey.  After that, we were lucky to be taught some Turkish belly dancing (which some of us enjoyed and others of us not so much).  Finally,  we made Hamsa hands, which included the evil eye for protection.

Fir- International Day

Today we have been learning about ITALY!

We have performed a traditional dance, learnt the different colours in Italian, created the national flag and found out what each colour represents (green= fields of Italy, white= snow of Alps, red= blood spilt in the battle of independence).

Finally we had great fun creating our own ‘leaning tower of Pasta!’

International Week in Pips

So far this week we have:

  • Learned about where Cameroon is on a map
  • Looked at photographs of different areas of Cameroon
  • Made Cameroon flags to decorate the classroom
  • Learned about all the different fruit that grows in Cameroon
  • Counted to 10 in French
  • Begun to learn a song about fruit in French
  • Listened to African stories
  • Made fruit kebabs using mango and banana