Brockswood explode onto the Isle Of Wight!

What a wonderful time we are having so far! A Really speedy journey across the English channel (Mrs Voigt resisted throwing anybody overboard)

Then straight to the IOW zoo where we learnt about conservation, preservation, and animal husbandry, and saw some beautiful creatures up close and personal.

After a few unwise financial decisions were made in the gift shop we enjoyed a hearty dinner in our palatial accommodation and then headed to the beach.  In true Brockswood spirit our children embraced the water, despite the ridiculously Arctic temperatures and had a ‘whale’ of a time.  Mrs Turner was wise and stayed with the belongings!

Back to the hotel for a wash up and into our PJ’s. A mostly restful night was had by all and this mornings room inspection (conducted by Sergeant Lees) revealed the boys outstripped the girls in cleanliness-this probably had something to do with Mr Wyatt’s military expectations (his mum would have been proud!)

We’re off for another fun filled day, keep watching for more updates………


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