For information on admission to nursery, please read our policy below:


Important Dates

Monday 3rd February 2020 – Nursery Applications Open

Friday 13th March  2020- Nursery Applications Close

Monday 27th April 2020 – Nursery Allocation Day

Monday 4th May  2020 – Deadline to accept Nursery offer

How do I apply?

An application form is available from the school office.


Please note: gaining a Nursery place is no guarantee of a main school place. There is a separate application procedure for the Reception class.


How many Nursery places are there?

We have 30 Nursery places.


What are the Nursery times?

Our Nursery sessions are for 3 hours. The morning session is 8:40 am – 11.45am. If your child qualifies for the 30 hours, the session runs until 2:40pm.


When can my child start?

We operate one intake only, which is the September following your child’s third birthday.



Am I likely to be offered a place?

We follow the Nursery Admission Rules for Community Schools (2012/2013), which currently give priority to:

  1. Children in public care or those who must come to this school because they have a Statement of special needs, under the 1996 Education Act, which names this school.
  2. Children for whom there is a compelling medical or social reason why they should attend this school.
  3. Children who have an older brother or sister at the school at the time of application or Children who have a sibling at the school at the time of application.
  4. Children for whom the school is the nearest in relation to alternative school.
  5. Children who live nearest to the school.

If a tie break is needed, a straight line distance measure from home to school is used. If you wish to apply under the sibling rule you must provide evidence from a relevant professional, and submit it to the school by the closing date for applications. Should you not be offered a place, there is no right of appeal, but you may register a continuing interest online or with the school.


Primary Admissions County Council Criteria




In year admissions County Council Criteria

An application to move between schools straight away (or within a few weeks) is known as an In Year application. This is when a child wishes to transfer to another school outside of the usual transfer time, for example because of a change of address.

The easiest way to apply is via the online In Year application form. It is a secure, quick and easy way to apply and can be access using the link


Alternatively, you can print the pdf version of the application form available at

Complete it and post it to: In Year Admissions Team, County Hall, CHR 102, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8DF


For full details about making an application please read the In Year admissions Information Booklet, which contains detailed information about how the admission process works and what information you will need to provide. For information about schools in Hertfordshire please read the School Directories

Admissions aim to process your application within 10 school days of receipt of all necessary documents, although at busy times this can take longer. May to September is a particularly busy period for In Year admissions and you should allow up to 15 school days for your application to be processed during this time.

In addition to completing an application, you might need to send in:

Current/previous school information – You must ask your child’s current school to complete and return Part A of the application form. If you cannot get Part A completed, for example, if the school is closed due to holidays, please add an explanatory note to your application. Please click on the link below to access a pdf of Part A:

Part A – to be completed by current school

Proof of address – Please ensure that you send us proof of your address and any additional documents needed by email or by post. If you do not enclose these documents your application will be delayed.