Computing with a little bit of games!

Oak have kicked off our learning by looking at Microsoft Excel. We looked at the different functions and worked our way around the programme by playing a game of battleships against our partners. We then moved on to look at what we could afford during half term with a £200 budget. The children worked really hard to use the SUM function to automatically add up their total and work out how much budget they had left. They tried to cram as much in as possible, although I’m not sure if they realise the £200 budget is imaginary!!

Well done Oak class!


Can you ask the children if they remember any of the formula’s they used? Also find out how much of their budget they spent and what activities they chose. I’m pretty sure some of them are taking some parents along for the trip too!

Oak’s various school outings!

Oak were lucky enough to have two trips last week!

First off, we visited the RAF Museum at Hendon to support our learning around our current topic of World War 2.


It was lovely to see the children getting involved with all the different activities, asking great questions during our workshop and interested in the many old planes we saw during our time there. They even looked very smart in the jackets of real life war soldiers and were very respectful of them. Well done Oak class.



Next up, we had our second trip of the week to an event at Hemel Hempstead fire station called Crucial Crew.

Before anything though was the great experience of getting a public bus to the event!

The children had the opportunity to learn about some of the possible dangers they may encounter as they get older and more independent. It gave them some great skills to remember and ways of dealing with different situations and issues.



Overall, the whole week was thoroughly enjoyable and the children behaved impeccably and were great ambassadors of Brockswood School. Well done Oak class, we are extremely proud of you all!