Water Cycle

This week we have explored the water cycle.

We needed to plant our cress seeds in order for this to happen.

We have since observed the water cycle happening in our cups with the water evaporating to the top, forming condensation on the top of the cling film and lastly, precipitation – raining back onto the cress seeds. This then happens all over again!


Chocolate flavours

Willow have been altering the flavour and taste of chocolate in our Design and Technology unit this week. We all wrote down our favourite chocolate and had a vote to choose the final flavours we were going to attempt to make as we know that we couldn’t make 24 different flavoured chocolates. You can see the final vote on the picture below…

We then made our flavour chocolate in the kitchen with a lot of adult support and have left them to cool down into solid chocolate ready for us to try and taste them tomorrow.


Which do you think will be the best?

  • Plain milk chocolate
  • Milk chocolate orange
  • Oreo milk chocolate
  • Milk chocolate with marshmallows
  • Milk chocolate with M&Ms
  • Milk chocolate with millions

Miss Green is very much looking forward to trying the milk chocolate orange and the milk chocolate with marshmallows!

We will update you tomorrow on our findings and results! Stay tuned!

Rehearsals are under way!

Rehearsals have been getting well under way for the Year 4 production next week. Mrs Turner is getting the children in ship shape and showing them how it is done!


Both performances are next week with Aspen’s on Thursday 15th at 2:30pm and Willow’s on Friday 16th at 2:30pm. Please can we remind the parents that your child will need a plain black top and plain black trousers/leggings. Please no skirts or tights.

We hope to see as many parents as possible next week to support this great production and the hard work of the children and Mrs Turner!

Willow are feeling goooooood!

We have had a great first week back from half term and as aimed we are feeling incredibly good! We started off the week telling each other how brilliant and fantastic they were, we wrote thankful notes to our friends to tell them what we were thankful for about them.

We made emoji faces to show how dress up day(or dress down day in some cases) made us feel. I think it is safe to say, everyone was incredibly happy to wear their own clothes for the day!

We have learned a new song as a whole school and danced our socks off with our Grannies, Gramps, Aunts, Uncles, Mums, Dads – the entire family!

We have also had a GREAT visit from a famous celebrity, Taylor aka Balance Unity. He spoke to us about his own achievements and showed us some great moves and tips we can use to practice dancing wherever we can!



What have the children done at home this week to make you feel good?




Willow class have had a brief introduction to measurement this week, where they had to work out how to accurately measure the playground. We had some great investigators working out which would be the best method and the things that would not make our answer accurate.

Year 4 Cadbury Visit

Yesterday, Year 4 went on an exciting trip to Cadbury world. We arrived very early(not bright however) to get our coach on time. Once at Cadbury world we entered a world of pure imagination, looking at huge mixers full of chocolate, taking a ride through Cadabara world, trying and tasting freshly made chocolate with a variety of toppings, stomping on moving chocolate and lastly, being whirled and whisked about on a moving chair whilst watching a 4D cinema experience.

We had a thoroughly incredible, yet tiring day at Cadbury world!

Miss Green and Mrs Bevil-Gahan would just like to express how proud we were to be with such a positive, well mannered and well behaved group of children who were great young ambassadors for Brockswood! Well done Year 4!






YMCA – acute, obtuse, right angle.

To start the week off, we learned the angle song along to the YMCA soundtrack. This helped us to remember the different angles we would need to know. We then explored different angles in a shape which was made on the floor. We managed to find lots of right angles, some acute angles and only a couple of obtuse angles.

Children, can you teach your parents the angle song?