Willow class have had a brief introduction to measurement this week, where they had to work out how to accurately measure the playground. We had some great investigators working out which would be the best method and the things that would not make our answer accurate.

Year 4 Cadbury Visit

Yesterday, Year 4 went on an exciting trip to Cadbury world. We arrived very early(not bright however) to get our coach on time. Once at Cadbury world we entered a world of pure imagination, looking at huge mixers full of chocolate, taking a ride through Cadabara world, trying and tasting freshly made chocolate with a variety of toppings, stomping on moving chocolate and lastly, being whirled and whisked about on a moving chair whilst watching a 4D cinema experience.

We had a thoroughly incredible, yet tiring day at Cadbury world!

Miss Green and Mrs Bevil-Gahan would just like to express how proud we were to be with such a positive, well mannered and well behaved group of children who were great young ambassadors for Brockswood! Well done Year 4!






YMCA – acute, obtuse, right angle.

To start the week off, we learned the angle song along to the YMCA soundtrack. This helped us to remember the different angles we would need to know. We then explored different angles in a shape which was made on the floor. We managed to find lots of right angles, some acute angles and only a couple of obtuse angles.

Children, can you teach your parents the angle song?


Literacy in Willow

Willow have a very important mission this half term in Literacy. They are in charge of writing to Mrs Voigt to persuade her to keep our school field! Not only have the children thought about the ways we use the field but they also found a mysterious dragon egg! Imagine if the dragon egg did not have anywhere to hatch and live if we got rid of our large playing field! This led to a great debate and conscience alley to practice our persuasion skills and see if we could persuade Miss Green to keep the field!


It’s all got a bit complex in Willow class.

Willow class have been focusing on re-writing the legend of George and the Dragon. To improve our writing we have explored the use of complex sentences and began to understand how to put these into our own writing. 

In Maths we have begun looking at fractions! We have been exploring fractions using a range of resources and trying to see if we can identify equivalent fractions.

Willow’s Last Week

Willow class have had a very fun filled last week of half term! First of all it has been sports week, so not only have we been improving our stamina to complete our daily mile, we have been taking part in various activities throughout the week. We were out completing our daily mile come rain or shine!


Even Charlie got involved (not sure Miss Hosier realised the implications of offering to push his wheelchair round the field 7 times, but they completed it!)

I am sure most of the parents will have noticed some very muddy clothes arriving home on Thursday! This was because Willow had the opportunity to get involved with some regimental fitness! It was muddy, it was wet, it was cold, it was tough BUT it was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed by all the children who got really stuck in and tried their hardest!


The children seemed to have a brilliant week and their resilience to completing the daily mile really shone through by the end. Willow’s class teacher Miss Green and the other adults within Willow are INCREDIBLY proud with how hard everyone tried and how every child improved on their time, pace and effort towards the end of the week!

Miss Green would like to thank Willow class for a brilliant half term and wishes you all a lovely, relaxing break! Come back ready to learn even more!

Our amazing week in Year 4!

Year 4 have had an exciting week! We have had two extra special visitors who have taught us lots of new things!

On Monday, we had a visit from Mr Chan. Mr Chan is a local 10 second maths expert who came to teach us lots of new patterns and tips for our times tables. See if you can ask your child if they remember any of the tips he taught us?



even Miss Green and Mrs Friquiche had a go at their 8 times tables! 

In our at school week, where parents will have the opportunity to come and learn with their children, we will investigate these methods further with you.


Our second visitor of the week arrived on Wednesday and with an exciting start that’s for sure!

We had such an amazing Ancient Greek filled day, learning lots about myths and legends, whilst also becoming great actors and acting the scenes out ourselves. We were given lots of props and masks and had to get into ‘character’ in order to act these myths and legends out brilliantly!


We also had the chance to use our inference skills and find key pieces of information in the boards provided to win a quiz. This helped our previous knowledge of Ancient Greece and gave us the perfect opportunity to learn things we did not know. Can the children remember any piece of information from the quiz?

Towards the end of our Ancient Greek day, we were allowed to touch and try on the helmets, jackets and armour. This was very exciting for all of us involved, teachers too!


 a vast improvement on Miss Green, do you agree?

Overall, the Ancient Greek day provided a extensive learning opportunity, whilst being fun and engaging for the children, the staff would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who helped make this day a possibility.