Year 4 had a brilliant day at Verulamium park and Museum today!

We had time too visit the hydrocaust, wall remains and the museum. We even had time to play some games and in the park!

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who helped us on our trip and a big well done to Year 4 for your impressive behaviour and attitude the entire day!




La Luna

This week we have started our new English unit La Luna.

Can they identify any of the pictures from the film and tell you what is happening at that point?






Can the children explain what has happened at the end?

We have then looked at the personalities of these characters – ask your child what each of these characters personalities are like and what we decided their names to be!

If you would like  to join in on our La Luna excitement please find the video attached below:


Debates in PSHE

As part of our relationship topic in PSHE this half term, Willow have looked a the relationships people may have with animals. We all realise that animals for some people are food, although Willow were very good at understanding that other people have different views towards animals. We all appreciate that everyone’s views should be listened to and respected. This led us on to a debate about whether Miss Green should be a vegetarian or not. Willow produced some very good arguments and counter arguments talking about protecting the animals, eating healthier and many others. Well done Willow.