How are you unique?

As part of Anti-Bullying Week, Mrs Bevil-Gahan talked with the children during whole school assembly about how we are all unique. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and we look forward to reading your linked home learning next week.

Anti-Bullying Alliance have developed top tips for parents and carers, young people and staff. Click here for more information.

Rocket Building

Rowan class started building their rockets today, which will be launched later in the week. Although it was challenging at times, they showed good resilience and teamwork to keep going. We’ll continue tomorrow afternoon.



Rowan Daily Mile

Rowan took part in the Daily Mile, which was more challenging for some than others. Here are the thoughts of our class:

Teagan – ‘tiring’

Lilly-Rose – ‘hard’

Sean B – ‘you get very sweaty!’

Anaia – ‘amazing’

We took one picture before and one picture afterwards – can you guess which is which?