Maple’s Class Trip!

Thursday Maple ventured to Whipsnade Zoo. We participated in an Endangered Wildlife lesson that outlined the importance of sustaining our natural environments. We were lucky enough to see the Bird Show, Sea Lion talk and the Tiger talk.

A big thank you to Mrs Turner and Mrs Apostolov for accompanying our trip, the day’s schedule was very smooth thanks to your input.



Maple’s Maths Day

Today Maple Class celebrated Maths day with pure eagerness and enjoyment! First we started off sharing our maths games with Cherry Class and the children tried their hand at teaching the younger years 1’s and vice versa. We then particpated in some active maths games in the hall. Next we went on to practice our Mathletics by conquering the pirates in the Mathletics world. Finally we finished by completing some Harry Potter maths around potions and wizard money. 

A Mernimbler has come!

Year 3 recently received a visit from our alien friend Four. Four has been very interested in our learning and from all of Year 3’s efforts he has left us a present. Though be warned she has been quite a handful since arriving, she has trashed the classroom and we are currently on the look out for her. She is pink in colour, sharp teeth with arms as long as a giraffes neck. We looked at other Flanimals and used descriptive describing words in order for our partners to sketch the described Flanimal.