Chocolate Investigation in Year 4!

Willow and Aspen Class worked together to compare and comment on a wide variety of chocolate. They were asked to judge a chocolate that was similar in content (such as dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content) but differing greatly in price. They considered the texture, taste and flavour. The results were surprisingly not based on how the expensive the chocolate was, instead the children seemed to favour milk and white chocolate, overwhelmingly rejecting dark chocolate. In nutrition, we will investigate whether this has anything to do with sugar content. Is it true that the higher the amount of sugar, the more attractive it is to children? Watch this space!


Newspaper Stories in Aspen

In Literacy, we have been investigating the layout of newspapers by looking at examples from existing newspaper stories. We will be following this on with a study of the grammatical tools used by journalists to create bias. We are aiming to create our own newspaper story soon about Charlie finding the last golden ticket to visit the Wonka Chocolate Factory! Read all about it!


D & T in Aspen

In Aspen Class, we designed, created and evaluated the process of no-sew cushions! Using either material in the classroom (or an old t-shirt from home) we had lots of fun using the template to measure and cut the material, using the ribboned edges to tie the sides together. Once this had been done, we stuffed the middle with toy stuffing before finally decorating with fabric gel pens.


Testing The Effects of Sugar on Teeth

We are testing the effects of  drinks on tooth enamel using egg shells as a substitute for teeth! The drinks that we are using are regular children’s drinks; milk, water, fresh orange juice and cola.

We have predicted the outcomes based on the sugar contents in the ingredients. We will observe the shells for the next two days to record any changes, before we write our conclusions. Mrs Bevil-Gahan and Mrs Driver have set up their own table using tea, an energy drink and a child’s smoothie drink. Which drink do you predict will have the worst effect on the shell?