Blog Rules

Blogs can be very exciting; they allow people from all over the world to share our learning and make comments. However, the internet can be a dangerous place. Using a blog safely is the most important thing about being a blogger. We need to remember to follow a few simple rules,to minimise any risks and to ensure children stay safe enabling us to get the most out of our blog.  The following rules, if followed, will minimise any risks and will ensure that you stay safe whilst blogging.


  1. Don’t reveal any personal information. Never give away any personal information about your location or identity.
  2. Don’t post pictures of yourself without specific permission from your teacher or parents.
  3. Do not post photos from or links to other websites.
  4. Never give out your log in details to anyone.
  5. Don’t use text language in your posts.
  6. Never use your name or other children’s names in your posts or blogs.


  1. Comment on other people’s posts too. Blogging is about sharing your opinions with others.
  2. Try to post about things that your audience would like to read.
  3. If you see anything that shouldn’t be on your screen, tell your teacher or parents immediately.
  4. Do visit other class blogs regularly to read and comment. We can learn so much from each other.
  1. Try to show off your best work whilst blogging and use the tips people suggest to you to improve.
  2. Our Blog is a public space, with other people looking at our work, so always be proud of what you’ve written or commented.
  3. Always be polite and show respect – don’t post anything that could hurt anyone. Be positive if you are going to comment and always remember that the blog is an extension of our school that the rest of the world is able to see.

Please note that relatives who leave comments are also asked to use their first name only, or to post comments as ‘David’s Mum’ or ‘Susan’s Grandfather’.

Remember that Admin reads and approves every blog post and comment before it appears on the website, so it might take a day or two. Don’t worry, your post is not lost in the web.