Brockswood Pupil and Family Support Worker

Our Pupil and Family Support Worker, Miss Francis aims to support children and their families emotional well being and mental health needs.

At Brockswood school we feel it is equally as important to support our parents, carers and families as it is to nurture our students.

 Parental engagement is one of the most powerful levers we have in improving outcomes for children.

 As a school this service is to provide a listening ear and support to enable the parents and carers to talk through concerns and have someone to listen to and be able to explore options and develop coping strategies.

 This can be done through meetings where we can bring in addition support if needed, and also signpost you to services that would best suit.

Miss Francis is available everyday to all parents and carer`s who feel they need to discuss any worries they have or to ask for advice.

This can be in relation to their child, family or other personal circumstances. Please phone the school or call in at the office or you can email

Praise for Being

Praise for Doing

Praise for Trying


Praisewhenever you find the chance– it works wonders for your child’s confidence and self esteem.

Respectyour child’s individuality and within safe limits let them become their own person.

Encourage your Child’s curiosity and learning-including answering endless question!

Be consistentit really  is important the rules stay the same otherwise it gets to confusing.

Quality timeit is  essential to spend time with your child to bond and build relationships.

Positive diversionalways think of a positive that you can relate to the situation to give them something to work towards.

Feedback from Families and Children

“Thank you for keeping me involved in my child’s learning, I really feel part of the school community from your involvement.”

Year 5 father

“Miss Francis  helps you if you have a worry in school or at home and sorts it out immediately. Without Miss Francis there would be no sunshine”

Year 6 child

“Miss Francis helps me learn more at school because she talks to you about any worries you have”

Ex pupil