Maple class cross stitching

Maple class has been learning how to cross stitch. This is some of our work. Ema said, “I felt excited because I had never cross stitched before.”

Nivany said, “I felt thrilled because I ended up with a wonderful design and it was stitched clearly.”

Hollie said, “ I felt frustrated because it was very difficult but I won’t give up.”

 Blogged by Ema, Nivany and Hollie.





Science week

This week was all about space, science and experimenting in Acorns. We made our own rockets and not only did we get to work with the older children in Year 3 making plastic out of milk, we also got to make a rainbow on a plate! Later on in the week, we had a science treasure hunt and made an ‘exploding rocket’ with cola and mints. The children have thoroughly enjoyed all of the experiments this week!