Cherry Class recreation of the Great Fire of London.

Oh no!!! Our lovely houses were burnt down by the firemen. It was very exciting getting to witness a fire starting and being put out with a hose. However, the firemen explained how dangerous fires and fireworks are!! Although it was sad to see our hard work go up in smoke it made us think what it would be like for the people whose real houses got burnt down in the Great Fire of London.

International Week in Pips

So far this week we have:

  • Learned about where Cameroon is on a map
  • Looked at photographs of different areas of Cameroon
  • Made Cameroon flags to decorate the classroom
  • Learned about all the different fruit that grows in Cameroon
  • Counted to 10 in French
  • Begun to learn a song about fruit in French
  • Listened to African stories
  • Made fruit kebabs using mango and banana