Promising Poets

Rowan class began their poetry topic by immersing themselves in the poems of Terry Caffrey. They worked in groups to perform one poem to engage the audience. Many hidden talents were revealed during the performances, some of which will definitely be in our Class Assembly next week!

A Mernimbler has come!

Year 3 recently received a visit from our alien friend Four. Four has been very interested in our learning and from all of Year 3’s efforts he has left us a present. Though be warned she has been quite a handful since arriving, she has trashed the classroom and we are currently on the look out for her. She is pink in colour, sharp teeth with arms as long as a giraffes neck. We looked at other Flanimals and used descriptive describing words in order for our partners to sketch the described Flanimal.

La Luna

This week we have started our new English unit La Luna.

Can they identify any of the pictures from the film and tell you what is happening at that point?






Can the children explain what has happened at the end?

We have then looked at the personalities of these characters – ask your child what each of these characters personalities are like and what we decided their names to be!

If you would like  to join in on our La Luna excitement please find the video attached below:


Causal Conjunctions

Willow have started looking at the language features we would like to include in our explanation text of the Student Pleaser. In particular we began understanding casual conjunctions, learning that a causal conjunction links two things together by causing one thing to happen because of another thing. We used the example “Corey and Gloria tripped each other over at playtime therefore Gloria had a graze on her knee”. We then used our causal conjunction word cards to think about scenario’s we could act out. This worked really well and the children could guess which causal conjunction was being used – all round well done!