Trip to the Global theatre

We were lucky enough to take a trip into London. After a tour of the famous theatre, we then spent an enjoyable hour acting out the famous Shakespearian play Romeo and Juliet. We had a fabulous time exploring the sounds he used in the play: the consonants d, s and t represented angry sounds whereas the vowels a, e and o were love.

We also walked on a bridge that went over the Thames and saw other things from a distance too like the Tate Modern Art Galery, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, the Shard and if we looked quickly, the London eye!

World Book Day Costume Winners

It was a very very tough decision in all classes, as all of the children looked wonderful in their costumes and had made a great effort.

Nursery – The Princess & the Pea        Reception-Robber Annie            Year 1- The BFG

Year 2 – Mary Poppins                           Year 3 – Gangsta Granny            Year 4 – Umpa Lumpa

Year 4 – Katniss Everdeen                  Year 5- Captain underpants          Year 6- Maleficient

  And all the Umpa Lumpa staff!