Acorns – Safer Internet Day

Acorns class discussed how to keep safe online today. We focused on YouTube and what to do if something comes on that you don’t like or is not appropriate. We watched a little video (link below), sang the Funny Tummy Song (link below) and discussed who our trusted adults are. We will continue with this learning though out the week.  (Jessie and Friends episode 1) (The Funny Tummy Song)

Conifer exploring weathering and erosion

We had a fun geography lesson exploring the different processes of weathering which shape our landscape.

We looked at chemical weathering through the use of bicarbonate soda and vinegar to make chemical reactions. Physical weathering by comparing the water inside bottles, one frozen and one not. Biological weathering by observing images of plants and humans. Finally we tested the effects of wind erosion by blowing the sand formations and watching how they changed.