Oak class – Geography field trip to the Nickey line (with Dizzy)

We went on a field trip to identify geographical issues; a highlight was that Dizzy accompanied us! We found and discussed many issues, some controversial issues and even a few positive topics: crops, man-made dams, building of new homes, litter, taging, recycling and nature returning.    Along the way, we also learnt some history about our local area for example about the Nickey line (an old railway, now cycle/walking path) and that our school was built on an old fireworks factory site and the name Brockswood comes from it’s name.


Maya Football

Today, Rowan class played a game of Maya football, known as Poc-a-Poc. It was a closely fought match, which ended in a draw. According to Maya custom, the losing team should be sacrificed to the Gods. As a class, we felt this was a little harsh so we have decided to ignore this part of Maya culture!

Ancient Maya

Rowan class spent the afternoon researching the Ancient Maya. Here are just a few of our interesting facts:

  • ‘Noble women filed their teeth into points.’ – Sean B
  • ‘Venus was import to the Maya. They tracked it’s movements and timed their wars to happen alongside it’s first appearance.’ – Keira R
  • ‘They liked to eat some of the foods we eat, like chocolate, tomatoes and avocado.’ – Shreya