Cherry Class recreation of the Great Fire of London.

Oh no!!! Our lovely houses were burnt down by the firemen. It was very exciting getting to witness a fire starting and being put out with a hose. However, the firemen explained how dangerous fires and fireworks are!! Although it was sad to see our hard work go up in smoke it made us think what it would be like for the people whose real houses got burnt down in the Great Fire of London.

Black History Month

Brockswood celebrated Black History Month this afternoon. They visited different teachers who each taught them about an influential man or woman from black history. Each class then spent time making an interpreted African Tribal Mask, writing their name in a version of African script and playing an African game called ‘Mbube Mbube’.

Can the children tell you about one of the people they learned about and why they were famous?


Debates and Elections

This week Oak have been learning about the Early Islamic Civilisation. We have been learning what a Caliph is and how they would have been chosen after Muhammad died.

Our class were split into two groups to represent Shia and Sunni Muslims and hold an election to select a new Caliph.



Here are our two potential candidates:

Our panel of leaders made their final decision.

Well done to Ali (Jermaine) who was representing the Shia Muslims 🙂