Beech Tribe have a 1940’s WW2 experience

We took a time travel coach to the Lincolnsfields Centre where we experienced what it was like in the 1940’s.  There were 3 activities:

  • Our favourite – We rode on the back of an army Jeep to an old shelter where we saw an unexploded bomb and had to evacuate to an air raid shelter while there.  It was dark and there were sounds of aeroplanes and bombs.
  • We also saw how people turned their gardens into places to grow food and build Anderson Shelters.  Here we also heard the siren that warned people to go to the shelter and got to try put out a fire.  Then we rode the Jeep back and explored a museum where we held a disabled firearm as well as wear an army helmet and backpack.
  • Finally, we went into an old house and saw how people lived.

Much fun was had by all.

Cherry Class recreation of the Great Fire of London.

Oh no!!! Our lovely houses were burnt down by the firemen. It was very exciting getting to witness a fire starting and being put out with a hose. However, the firemen explained how dangerous fires and fireworks are!! Although it was sad to see our hard work go up in smoke it made us think what it would be like for the people whose real houses got burnt down in the Great Fire of London.

Black History Month

Brockswood celebrated Black History Month this afternoon. They visited different teachers who each taught them about an influential man or woman from black history. Each class then spent time making an interpreted African Tribal Mask, writing their name in a version of African script and playing an African game called ‘Mbube Mbube’.

Can the children tell you about one of the people they learned about and why they were famous?