Year 4 had a brilliant day at Verulamium park and Museum today!

We had time too visit the hydrocaust, wall remains and the museum. We even had time to play some games and in the park!

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who helped us on our trip and a big well done to Year 4 for your impressive behaviour and attitude the entire day!




Trip to the Global theatre

We were lucky enough to take a trip into London. After a tour of the famous theatre, we then spent an enjoyable hour acting out the famous Shakespearian play Romeo and Juliet. We had a fabulous time exploring the sounds he used in the play: the consonants d, s and t represented angry sounds whereas the vowels a, e and o were love.

We also walked on a bridge that went over the Thames and saw other things from a distance too like the Tate Modern Art Galery, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, the Shard and if we looked quickly, the London eye!

Oak class – Geography field trip to the Nickey line (with Dizzy)

We went on a field trip to identify geographical issues; a highlight was that Dizzy accompanied us! We found and discussed many issues, some controversial issues and even a few positive topics: crops, man-made dams, building of new homes, litter, taging, recycling and nature returning.    Along the way, we also learnt some history about our local area for example about the Nickey line (an old railway, now cycle/walking path) and that our school was built on an old fireworks factory site and the name Brockswood comes from it’s name.