Year 6 PSHE – Rachel Mackenzie visit

We were lucky enough to have Rachel Mackenzie, who was a World Thai Boxing Champion and is currently British Boxing Champion, visit our class.  We spoke about resilience and she gave us strategies to create a positive state of mind so that we can reach our full potential.  She also taught us the “Take 5” meditation method to help us calm and focus our minds.  We each took away our very on positive statement and an autographed card.  Thank you for the visit Rachel!

Our amazing week in Year 4!

Year 4 have had an exciting week! We have had two extra special visitors who have taught us lots of new things!

On Monday, we had a visit from Mr Chan. Mr Chan is a local 10 second maths expert who came to teach us lots of new patterns and tips for our times tables. See if you can ask your child if they remember any of the tips he taught us?



even Miss Green and Mrs Friquiche had a go at their 8 times tables! 

In our at school week, where parents will have the opportunity to come and learn with their children, we will investigate these methods further with you.


Our second visitor of the week arrived on Wednesday and with an exciting start that’s for sure!

We had such an amazing Ancient Greek filled day, learning lots about myths and legends, whilst also becoming great actors and acting the scenes out ourselves. We were given lots of props and masks and had to get into ‘character’ in order to act these myths and legends out brilliantly!


We also had the chance to use our inference skills and find key pieces of information in the boards provided to win a quiz. This helped our previous knowledge of Ancient Greece and gave us the perfect opportunity to learn things we did not know. Can the children remember any piece of information from the quiz?

Towards the end of our Ancient Greek day, we were allowed to touch and try on the helmets, jackets and armour. This was very exciting for all of us involved, teachers too!


 a vast improvement on Miss Green, do you agree?

Overall, the Ancient Greek day provided a extensive learning opportunity, whilst being fun and engaging for the children, the staff would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who helped make this day a possibility.