Beech class loved Maths Day!

We enjoyed exploring the story of Mr Wolf’s pancakes and helping him with all the maths. We worked out the cost of ingredients, counted the money, worked out the change and measured the pancake mixture. It was great fun…. and tasty!

We also enjoyed playing games in the hall with Miss Carter and teaming up with Willow class to learn how to play times table bingo 🙂


Maths day in Pips

Pips children listened carefully to “10 little dinosaurs”.  We then went outside and had to subtract practically as children hid one of the dinosaurs to find out how many dinosaurs were left.  When all the dinosaurs were hidden we added practically as different children went to hunt for the lost dinosaurs.

Maple’s Maths Day

Today Maple Class celebrated Maths day with pure eagerness and enjoyment! First we started off sharing our maths games with Cherry Class and the children tried their hand at teaching the younger years 1’s and vice versa. We then particpated in some active maths games in the hall. Next we went on to practice our Mathletics by conquering the pirates in the Mathletics world. Finally we finished by completing some Harry Potter maths around potions and wizard money. 

Oak class – Harry Potter Maths Day

We became rogue wizards by helping Harry Potter figure out the various combinations of ingredients for potions that will change his teachers (Miss Bunns, the Magic Teacher; Miss Hooch, the Quidditch Teacher: Mr Dumbkedor, then Head Teacher) into frogs.

Welso enjoyed converting how much items cost by converting from Wizard currency to Muggle money (Human money).

Oak class – Maths, Art & PSHE lesson

Today we continued to unwind after SATS by planning a Lunar Theme park for a colony on the moon. We were given a budget, had to cost out what we wished to include in the park, work out income and even our profit! Some of us really thought had about the budget and what had to be repaid or how to bring in extra income. What fun!

Here are our final park designs from a birds-eye view: