Pips Class Rules

All our new nursery children have now joined us.  We are getting to know each other and learning about life in school.  We talked about the rules we needed to keep us safe and we now have our own set of class rules:

  • We sit with our legs crossed and our arms in our laps.
  • We listen to each other.
  • We are kind to each other.
  • We share and play nicely.
  • We tidy up nicely.
  • We walk in the classroom.

The children know that if they follow the rules they get to move their names up and if they break the class rules they have to move their name down!

Starting ‘Big School’ for the first time

Our first group of nursery children will be joining the Brockswood family on Tuesday 5th September.  Followed shortly after by the second and third group.  We are very excited about getting to know your children but realise this is a very emotional time for you.  We are here for you with a friendly smile, a hug and plenty of tissues.  Please don’t forget that no question is silly and we know you will have lots of unanswered questions you need to ask.

Here’s to a fun packed year when you will see your children grow into independent and confident young people ready for anything!

Pam Gleeson and the Early Years Foundation Stage Team.