Girl Power …. A win for Brockswood

The match started on a high will Rubi-Rose securing a goal early on in the game. The Brockswood girls using their knowledge of positioning and passing to quash any attacking advances. Victoria scoring goal number 2 and Rubi securing a hat rick one of which was assisted by Alisha……Brockswood looked unstoppable!! After half time Rubi-Rose dropped back into goal and Isabel went in defence tackling a couple of strong advances from the opposing team accompanied by Bernadetta Brockswood looking strong in defence. Kiera scoring and amazing goal for Brockswood. Well done girls you are starting to work as a team and we are very proud of you all !!

Girls netball team remain undefeated winning against Chaulden 7-0

The first quarter started well with Katie scoring the first goal ! Then Bernadetta stopped the other team from getting a goal. She passed to Maria, who passed to Aoife, who then passed to Vicky. Vicky passed into Katie and she scored again! After the first quarter the score was 2-0.

Brockswood started strong in the second quarter Keira blocking a few attacking passes to get the ball back for Brockswood to help Melanie get her first goal! The score at half time was 4-0. Lots of supporters cheered Brockswood on. Natalia was being fiercely marked but got free and passed to Alisha who passed up the court to Katie, who scored again. The score was 6-0 with only one quarter to go! An excellent performance by Brockswood ending the match with a 7-0 win.

By Olivia, Year 6 Match reporter and photographer