World Cup Statistics

Oak class used their mathematics skills to track data during the Brazil v Costa World Cup match this afternoon. They made tally charts to track data of throw-ins, free kicks, offsides, fouls and many more. Next week, they will create graphs to present their information. On a side-note, there seem to be several vocal Brazil fans in Year 6!

BMX Workshops

Year 5/6 were treated to a fantastic, inspirational talk by Mike Mullen, a BMX rider. He talked at length about growth mindset and how he overcame the challenges of his early life. Mike talked about the mantra ‘rise above’, which he kept in mind when faced with challenges. All the children were able to take part in BMX workshops during the day, developing their cycling skills as well as their growth mindsets! Even Mr Ray and Mrs Driver were faced with a challenge when they were ‘volunteered’ to lie on the floor while Mike jumped over them on his BMX. Fortunately, they survived!