Oral Health week in Pips Class

This week we have been learning how to take care of our teeth.  The children have talked about brushing their teeth, not drinking fizzy drinks or those with lots of sugar and only having sweets as a special treat.  We watched a story about Peppa Pig going to the dentist for the first time.

Teeth cleaning after snack.  We watched the Hey Duggee 2 minute video to help us clean our teeth for 2 minutes!!



International day: Rowan class learnt about Turkey

Firstly we had a story read by a parent in Turkish and their child in English.  Then the student taught us a game.  Next we made flags or did some colouring relating to Turkey.  After that, we were lucky to be taught some Turkish belly dancing (which some of us enjoyed and others of us not so much).  Finally,  we made Hamsa hands, which included the evil eye for protection.