Testing The Effects of Sugar on Teeth

We are testing the effects of  drinks on tooth enamel using egg shells as a substitute for teeth! The drinks that we are using are regular children’s drinks; milk, water, fresh orange juice and cola.

We have predicted the outcomes based on the sugar contents in the ingredients. We will observe the shells for the next two days to record any changes, before we write our conclusions. Mrs Bevil-Gahan and Mrs Driver have set up their own table using tea, an energy drink and a child’s smoothie drink. Which drink do you predict will have the worst effect on the shell?

Asteroid Investigation

As part of their work on Earth and Space and Forces, Rowan developed their scientific enquiry skills by testing the impacts of asteroids on the surface of the Moon. Working in groups, they devised a question, consider how to make the experiment a fair test as well as recording the results accurately.