Keeping your Heart Healthy.

Healthy Hearts Campaign.

We have had a busy week at Brockswood, the walking bus has been packed and the children, staff and parents have had fun walking and chatting each morning. We have decorated our shoes, timed our walks, dressed in red, searched for red items and met Buster the dinosaur!!!

Walking is a fabulous way to stay healthy and as we do not have 3 hearts like an octopus does !! Walking will help us look after the most important organ in our bodies.


Monday: Walking to school time : 12:51

Friday: Walking to school time: 9:42

Not competitive ….. Much !!!!

Well done Brockswood!!!!!


Maple class cross stitching

Maple class has been learning how to cross stitch. This is some of our work. Ema said, “I felt excited because I had never cross stitched before.”

Nivany said, “I felt thrilled because I ended up with a wonderful design and it was stitched clearly.”

Hollie said, “ I felt frustrated because it was very difficult but I won’t give up.”

 Blogged by Ema, Nivany and Hollie.