NSPCC Number Day

Maple have had lots of fun with numbers today!

We started off by developing and improving our mental strategies to help us add and subtract numbers past 10. Some of the strategies we found were

8 + 4 = 8 + 2 + 2 = 12.

6 + 7 = 6 +6 + 1 = 13.

We tried to find the relationships between numbers to help us.


Then we had fun code breaking and writing secret messages to each other! Miss Green even wrote a secret question for us on the board!

We finished the day with some creative maths, colouring in timestables and creating a timestable fortune teller.


We all decided at the end of the day that numbers and maths can be fun even though it is sometimes hard!

Black History Month

Brockswood celebrated Black History Month this afternoon. They visited different teachers who each taught them about an influential man or woman from black history. Each class then spent time making an interpreted African Tribal Mask, writing their name in a version of African script and playing an African game called ‘Mbube Mbube’.

Can the children tell you about one of the people they learned about and why they were famous?