Water Cycle

This week we have explored the water cycle.

We needed to plant our cress seeds in order for this to happen.

We have since observed the water cycle happening in our cups with the water evaporating to the top, forming condensation on the top of the cling film and lastly, precipitation – raining back onto the cress seeds. This then happens all over again!


Performing into spring!

What a busy but wonderful way to end the spring term!

Our music focus this term has been ‘folk’ and ‘feeling good’ music.

Our children listened to so much new music that really left them feeling happy and ready for learning.

We also had so many performances and musical things to celebrate.

Willow and Aspen did 4 wonderful performances of ‘spring morning’ and EYFS with farmer duck.

The whole school and many visitors watched as children performed in our spring music concert and we ended with a fantastic dance celebration Assembly!

Now we all have a well deserved rest!

Happy Easter everyone!


Chocolate flavours

Willow have been altering the flavour and taste of chocolate in our Design and Technology unit this week. We all wrote down our favourite chocolate and had a vote to choose the final flavours we were going to attempt to make as we know that we couldn’t make 24 different flavoured chocolates. You can see the final vote on the picture below…

We then made our flavour chocolate in the kitchen with a lot of adult support and have left them to cool down into solid chocolate ready for us to try and taste them tomorrow.


Which do you think will be the best?

  • Plain milk chocolate
  • Milk chocolate orange
  • Oreo milk chocolate
  • Milk chocolate with marshmallows
  • Milk chocolate with M&Ms
  • Milk chocolate with millions

Miss Green is very much looking forward to trying the milk chocolate orange and the milk chocolate with marshmallows!

We will update you tomorrow on our findings and results! Stay tuned!

Girls football tournaments

Well done to all the girls who took part in the football tournaments. For some of our girls it was their first time playing football so well done for having a go!

Congratulations to the to our blue team who won their tournament securing a gold medal each! We were amazed by not only your go for it attitudes but your good sportsmanship, teamwork and determination through 2 rounds of penalties! A brilliant day all round!