Rowan – Airbus Discovery Centre

  1. Rowan had a brilliant day at the Airbus Discovery Centre in Stevenage and they took part in lots of exciting activities! From exploding Alka Seltzer tablets to create cool bags, to programming mini Mars Rovers, the fun and learning never ended.  We even had a talk from one of the engineers working on the latest Mars Rover which will be launched in 2020.  Very exciting stuff!



International day: Rowan class learnt about Turkey

Firstly we had a story read by a parent in Turkish and their child in English.  Then the student taught us a game.  Next we made flags or did some colouring relating to Turkey.  After that, we were lucky to be taught some Turkish belly dancing (which some of us enjoyed and others of us not so much).  Finally,  we made Hamsa hands, which included the evil eye for protection.

Fir- International Day

Today we have been learning about ITALY!

We have performed a traditional dance, learnt the different colours in Italian, created the national flag and found out what each colour represents (green= fields of Italy, white= snow of Alps, red= blood spilt in the battle of independence).

Finally we had great fun creating our own ‘leaning tower of Pasta!’