Year 5 Lift Off!

Rowan started their Earth and Space topic by investigating what is in our Solar System. We looked at the different planets and built a model in the hall using toilet paper to create a scale model. We were surprised at some of the distances and we had a good discussion about why Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

The West End comes to Brockswood!

Oak and Rowan class completed a fantastic run of performances of ‘Joseph and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat’ this week.  The audiences were full and everyone seemed to enjoy this colourful and upbeat musical.  The children worked very hard to ensure that props costumes, scenery were all where they should be and everyone gave their best to perform, sing to bring their characters to life.  Daniel was an amazing lead as ‘Joseph’ supported by  Sky, Isabel, Alexandra and Sherry as ‘narrators’. Other fantastic performance were given by Emmanuel as ‘pharaoh’ and Michael as ‘Potiphar’.

Everyone worked really hard to bring together a great show and learned a lot about the way a musical runs both on and off stage.