Oak Home Learning 8.9.20

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Grammar: simple and compound sentences


Maths: Place value


Winners- Brockswood Netball Team.

Well done to the Brockswood Netball team who won the districts School sports team of the year. They were up against some tough competition and I couldn’t be more happy and proud of the team they became.

Girls it was a pleasure to watch you grow and improve every single time you played you are all really talented. To the year 6 girls that are leaving the team make sure you keep playing. To the girls I still have in the team I can’t wait to get training again and winning more matches. It’s been my absolute pleasure working with you all. Go Brockswood….. photos of the trophy to follow.

Future codebreakers at work in Oak class!

Oak class have been challenging themselves with some codebreaking activities. It’s given us a bit of insight into how writing secret messages would’ve felt throughout certain points in history.

We’ve also been applying our knowledge of all areas of maths with some head-to-head group tasks.

Great work today, Oak. Enjoy your weekend and see you during Feeling Good Week!


Conifer exploring weathering and erosion

We had a fun geography lesson exploring the different processes of weathering which shape our landscape.

We looked at chemical weathering through the use of bicarbonate soda and vinegar to make chemical reactions. Physical weathering by comparing the water inside bottles, one frozen and one not. Biological weathering by observing images of plants and humans. Finally we tested the effects of wind erosion by blowing the sand formations and watching how they changed.