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On a day to day basis many decisions are made to ensure we are providing the best education for all pupils in a safe environment. Such decisions take into account the needs of all pupils at Brockswood Primary and Nursery School. There maybe occasions when you have a concern about your child’s ¬†education or well being whilst a pupil at Brockswood. In such an event you should follow the procedure below so the matter can be dealt with appropriately:


Step 1:

Bring the matter to the attention of the Class Teacher in the first instance who will listen you your concerns and act accordingly. You will receive a response to your concern within 5 days.


Step 2:

Following the response from the Class Teacher, if your concern isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, you can take this further by requesting a meeting with the Senior Leadership Team. To request a meeting you should contact the school via email or telephone, or put your request in writing and hand it in at the office. A meeting will be arranged within 10 school days of the concern being registered – e.g. date of call/date of letter.


Step 3:

If you remain dissatisfied, please refer to our school complaints policy.


The policy is available on request from the school office – 01442 404000 or


In the event your concern relates to the headteacher, you should put your concern in writing and send to the school for the attention of the Chair of Governors (marked urgent attention – to be opened the addressee only).