Brockswood Primary and Nursery School


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 Happy half term, 

This week we have finished our unit on fractions and completed our visual literacy writing. The children have explored starting their sentences with a variety of language features and it has hugely improved what they produce. I am so proud that  they are challenging themselves to use ambitious vocabulary which improves their sentences. 


Well done to the children that have made extra efforts to gain their walking WOW badges, great work! For some, they have no option but to travel by car due to distance but some of the children have chosen to walk a little way before or after driving so this is a great attitude! 

We have been learning about electricity  including the safety of it and how it is made. The children made circuits and explored how the current moves. 

Wishing you all a sunny and restful half term :)


love Miss Hosier, Miss Page and Miss Conisbee :). 




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